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The Back StoryExclusive-World-Whiskies-Build-Out

Beam Suntory is a key player in the $113 billion global spirits industry with a product portfolio that touches nearly every category from pre-mixed cocktails to highly sought after premium liquors.

Following their acquisition of Beam Inc. in 2014, Beam Suntory became the #3 spirit company in the world with one of the most diverse offerings of whiskies available from any one producer. Understanding this unique value proposition led them to explore various untapped or underserved markets for their whiskey line, which in turn led to a push for specifically targeting the highly competitive, yet lucrative, travel retail sector.

An initial concept was developed internally to create a customer experience that displayed Beam Suntory’s products in a visually engaging fashion while educating consumers about key aspects of the various brands including country of origin, history and flavor profile. All they needed was the right partner to bring this vision to life – enter Retail Habitats…

Creating A New Brand

Following an extensive discovery process, it was determined that a distinct identity should be developed for the display so that the various brands of whiskey featured within would be given equal “weight.” Thus, the concept for “Exclusive World Whiskies” was born, including an original logo that could be used for signage, marketing, etc.

Display Design & Engineering

Once the identity for the concept was established, an overall look & feel for the display was developed and translated into multiple configurations in order to ensure maximum flexibility from retail environment to retail environment.

Additionally, a “Whiskey Selector” was created to provide an all-important element of consumer education to the design. Through a user-friendly, touch-screen interface, customers could choose the perfect spirit using identifiers like taste, age and country of origin.

Implementation & Roll Out

The “Exclusive World Whiskies” concept has already made appearances at airports in Singapore and Hong Kong following a collaboration between Beam Suntory and travel retail giant DFS Group and is set to continue it’s mission of bringing an engaging whiskey buying experience to travel retail locations worldwide.

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